DREEM Nutrition presents itself as the breath of fresh air, as the oasis in the middle of the desert; in an explosive industry driven by the dollar, our DREEM is about improving lives. DREEM was established in March of 2015, allowing us to be a market leader and innovator within the hemp/cannabinoid supplement space.

The Hemp derived CBD market is no doubt going to be a financial windfall for all that are involved, but that doesn’t mean that the customers, the ones making it possible, are receiving all that they need.

What makes DREEM Unique? 

DREEM Integrity is conveyed to our customers through quality control and advanced formulations, through a scientific approach, that are administered by innovative delivery systems. Our team is hand picked with individuals driven by success through creating longevity. DREEM Nutrition is proud to be a veteran owned company, making our team hardwired to serving others.

We are based in Russiaville, IN where we have our own lab for manufacturing. We were the 11th licensed hemp grower in the State of Indiana since WWII. We engage in the industry in all aspects from genetics supply to farmers for growing hemp to finished products.