After years of researching the alternative medicine industry, a Midwest business team was assembled to further understand the benefits of natural compounds found in various plants, including the hemp plant.

As our knowledge increased about how cannabinoids positively interact with the body, our team was inspired to make a difference in the industry and find ways to improve the quality of life for everyone.  Agrozen Holdings was launched as the investment division to fund the creation of Agrozen Life Sciences and focus our efforts on hemp derived CBD oil research, product development, and consumer education.

As Agrozen Life Sciences started to take shape, we felt it was necessary to develop strategic relationships with American hemp farmers.  These strategic resources allow Agrozen Life Sciences to manufacture, market, and distribute the highest quality health and wellness focused hemp CBD oil products in the USA.  Our product focus is primarily on the therapeutic benefits of the CBD compound that works with receptors found throughout the body. Agrozen’s specialty line of CBD oil products for humans and pets alike are planted, harvested, and processed using the purest CO2 extraction method to achieve the highest quality hemp extract for our products.  All Agrozen branded CBD oil products are researched, tested, and strictly follow Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) throughout processing facilities in the United States.

The Agrozen team invites you to “Discover Nature’s Wellness.” We currently offer a wide variety of nutritional CBD supplements in tincture and caplet form, CBD vape products, and hemp CBD lotions in the beauty care line.

Agrozen is positioned to be at the forefront of the plant-based industry and is constantly formulating and evaluating new full spectrum hemp CBD oil products for our valued customers. Agrozen believes that education, transparency, and outstanding customer service are the keys to our success.

We welcome you to experience the Agrozen difference and Discover Nature's Wellness by trying one of our natural full spectrum hemp CBD oil supplements today.