Peppermint Vitality - 5mL


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Peppermint Vitality™ essential oil has a bright, cool flavor that is instantly recognizable. The refreshing flavor of Peppermint (Mentha piperita) is welcome on the hottest summer days and the coldest winter nights. Beyond being a brisk addition to water during workouts or to herbal tea after a day on the slopes, Peppermint Vitality can also support healthy digestive function and gastrointestinal comfort.* Add Peppermint Vitality to your pantry shelves for both culinary and dietary use. This versatile oil can make its way into baked goods, beverages, and even entrees for the more daring! Taken daily in a gel capsule, this powerful essential oil can support your overall digestive function.


  • Supports gastrointestinal system comfort
  • Enhances healthy gut function
  • Maintains efficiency of the digestive tract
  • May support performance during exercise
  • Reduces feelings of discomfort after large meals
  • Provides a refreshing, minty flavor to food and beverages
From the bottle: Refreshing, cool, minty, herbal aroma.
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