Hometown Greens - Jupiter Midwestern Hemp Flower - 1g

Quantity: 3

- Pure Indica

- High quality, sunshine grown hemp

- Contains some seeds

The Jupiter strain is big on relaxation. As its main effect, this cultivar was bred to submerge the body in a sense of well-being and restfulness, encouraging better sleep and relaxation. The effects start with the body, unlike most strains that dominate the head before proceeding downwards. The earthy taste of the Jupiter Strain is full and long-lasting, leaving traces of the taste of soil lingering in your mouth long after the drag is done.
This lively, energetic, herbal flavor adds a pleasant twist to the entire experience. Almost reminiscent of spicy herbs like mint, the subtle flavor can be a great way to round off the taste experience, adding another dimension to the otherwise one-dimensional combination of earth and gasoline flavors.

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