Suver Haze Hemp Flower - Single Pre-Roll (0.8g)


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- Sativa Dominant Hybrid

- Flavor is earthy with a hint of orange

- High quality, sunshine grown hemp

- Contains some seeds


About Suver Haze

Suver Haze is a hemp flower strain which is quite interesting when it comes to the genetics. Suver Haze originated from the Southern Oregon region and is a Sativa dominant hybrid descending from a strain called Neville’s Haze.

Suver Haze Characteristics 

The Suver Haze hemp flower strain was bred keeping some very specific characteristics in mind. One of them was high levels of CBD. Therefore, it is of no surprise to us that Suver Haze boasts an average CBD percentage of 17.59%. The terpene profile is β-Myrcene, Farnesene, β-Caryophyllene.

Another desired characteristic of the Suver Haze strain is its mold-resistant properties and high yields. That is why the tight selective breeding of the Suver Haze strain has produced a hemp flower that is very special.

As mentioned earlier, Suver Haze is quite unique genetically. It has genetics similar to the Krishna’s Special Sauce and looks quite similar too. One thing is for certain, if you have ever enjoyed the flavor of Krishna’s Special Sauce, then you are sure to like Suver Haze hemp flower as well.

Suver Haze Flavor Profile

With such a meticulously crafted strain you expect to have a very rich and strong flavor profile. This is something you can expect from a strain with this caliber of genetics. With its diverse terpene content, the flavor is earthy with a hint of orangish taste to it to balance out the overall experience. It really is like walking barefoot in an orange plantation.

That description might sound neat to some, but the ones who have tried Suver Haze hemp flower will certainly agree. It is something that is best experienced first-hand rather than read about. The exceptional flavor is achieved because of the terpene profile as mentioned above.

The Effects Of Suver Haze

This hemp flower strain is perfect if you want to enjoy a chill, laid-back time. The effect is quite lifting and may give hours of rested relaxation as seen with other popular CBD flower strains.

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